Friday, December 5, 2008

Auto Hearing Live Blogging- Detroit Three Hearing December 5.

9.48 a.m.
Mr. Michael:

"Doubt that financial institutions would want to lend (to automotive industry)"
We have to worry about oversight and accountability"

Mr. Waters
Concerned about plan submitted, how will it affect jobs?
What impact will the reduction of dealerships will have on jobs in the regions where these dealers are present.

Mr. King
If we knew where the money is going, there would be reasonable assurance that the plan might just work.
What are the chances that this plan will work?

Mr. Watt
Talked to various dealers and feels there is a serious problem for example that one man did not sell a single car in October of this year.

Mr. Manzullo
The plan should address how will the Detroit Three will try to increase customer demand for cars. None of the plans address this critical issue.

Mr. Biggert
"We don't know whether granting your request, means you will not be back here in a few months time."

10.02 a.m.
Mr. Sherman
"We need to put tough standards in the bill." In order to minimize the number of executives from other industries to come to the Congress for money.
"...needs to provide the assurance that you cannot close plants without approval from the" (administration)

Mr. Scott
The Senator has raised an issue that was addressed many times yesterday which is the potential merger of GM and Chrysler.
According to Senator Scott, "Look carefully at merging your (GM+ Chrysler) operations."

10.11 a.m.
Mrs. Brown-Waite
Crisis comes from lack of foresight, governance....."GM and Chrysler ignored their liquidity problems..."

Mr. Green
Can we afford to put out of 2 million people out of work?"

Mr. McCotter (michigan)

" You have put up a very viable restructuring plan"

10.21 a.m.
Opening statements by UAW President (Mr. Gettelfinger)- Basically Mr. Gettelfinger's opening statement is no different from what he presented yesterday. Ditto for Mr.Ford Mulally and Mr. GM Wagoner.

10.42 a.m.
Ramifications in dollar terms on the failure of dealerships.
Nardelli- "240 dealer gone bankrupt since last Saturday"

Center for Automotive Research: 3 million people could lose their jobs and out of this 240000 relate to the Big Three.
Mr.Wagoner- "We have been dealing with a record number of dealer restructuring"

Senators asking more questions specifically related to the plan. Questions around what happens if the plan does not work, can failure of the suppliers bring down the whole industry including suppliers etc.

10.53 a.m.
Mr. Wilson

We should have wording that covers using funds (if given) to prop up suppliers in the auto bailout plan.

Mr.Gettelfinger- 'Men and women of the UAW should be given recognition for the sacrifices made'.

Wagoner- Short Term Financing and Oversight Board as a mechanism to force all the parties to negotiate.

11 a.m.
Mr. Klein

The Big Three should work as a Joint Enterprise,in the technology sector.They should take some money out of what they might receive from Congress and collaborate together on technology, best concepts for future development and commercialization.

Mr Nardelli agrees
Wagoner- Yes
lady nodding vigorously in the background of Mr.Wagoner.
Mr.Mulally- Yes doing it with suppliers.

Rep Hodes to Detroit Three, "Two weeks back you were simply in another universe"
What amount of money do you put on the need of the credit companies?
Chrysler- 4 to 5 billion
Ford- $12 billion (accessed already $4 billion out $16 billion from short term asset backed federal reserve loan)
GM- no exact amount

What percentage of money lent to these auto credit companies should go towards auto loans versus other purposes?-
Unadressed question.

GM- Overseas business have been profitable.
Mr.Wagoner reiterates, 'We have paid $103 billion in the last 15 years in pension and medical insurance payouts.'

Why would auto industry want to start commercial banks? "Your job is to make cars" .Mr Manzullo feels that financing cars should be left to community banks.
Manzullo to Ford- Are we going to lose more industries and jobs because Ford manufactures and will continue to manufacture tool and dye equipment in China?
Ford- bet (after a great deal of evasiveness)

11.34 a.m.
Mr. Hensarling

"If we say yes to you then who do we say no to?"
'Should it be only the small businesses that supply to the Auto Industry that should be helped?'
According to a CBS resport, $50 million paid by
the Detroit Three on lobbying efforts. How much of this money has gone into lobbying to receive money under this bailout hearing.

One of the representatives from California had a very relevant question, 'Can you meet fuel economy standards by 2015?'
Great question but none of the participants were allowed to answer because of an administrative issue with time alloted to the Representative who asked the question.
Honestly, if this is the way the Congress takes its decisions, then how can we expect any rational decision?

Rep Kanjorski
Representative to Detroit Three.

"Instead of $1 a year salary, you should not be getting a greater salary that any of the successful Japanese auto executives as long as you are indebted to the United States. Until that time you should not be getting more than 20 times the salary of successful Japanese executives."

This statement by Rep Kanjorski is quite ironical if you look at Japanese companies and their struggle with bringing their CEO pay at par with their global counterparts.(

Rep Maloney (New York)
Will you cease all legal and lobbying efforts to block California greenhouse standards for cars that have been adopted in New York and many other states?

Why can't you meet standards of fuel efficiency of other countries?
That may be the only way to export more cars?

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